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Safety Valves Manufacturer in India

We, the “Darshan Valve & Controls” are the prime Safety Valve Manufacturer in India . Presently, we are situated in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and are providing our service in almost all the region of the India and foreign countries.

The Safety Valves manufactured by us are known for the quality. We are the Safety Valve Manufacturer and Supplier in India for more than a decade.

The Safety Valves manufactured by the Darshan Valve & Controls are prepared using the latest technology machinery and are as per the latest industry required standards.

The heavy duty latest quality machineries are utilized for the safety valve manufacturing. The Safety Valves are ISO 9001:2008 certified and are provided by us at the nominal pricing

Safety Valves Suppliers & Exporters

An Overview on Safety Valve

What are Safety Valves?

The valve that open up and release out the extra pressure that develops at the place where ever these valves are used and they again come to its original position after the removal of the excessive pressure are called as Safety-Valves.

Types of Safety Valves

The different types of the Safety Valves that are manufactured by the Darshan Valve & Controls are as follows.

Thermal Safety Valve:

Thermal safety valve is a pressure released single seated valve that open in rising temperature. It is controlled by two temperature transmitter. The compact temperature transmitter can be removed to facilitate the assembly of the valve. We the Darshan Valve & Controls are leading safety valve manufacturer, supplier and exporter in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Steam Safety Valve

The Darshan Valve & Controls are the prime manufacturer, supplier and exporter in Gujarat, India. Steam Safety Valve are generally used for boiler overpressure protection and other application like downstream of pressure reducing controls.

Open Discharge Safety Valves

We are the leading open discharge safety valve manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India. We are providing a wide range of the open discharge Safety Valves that also at reasonable pricing.

Angle safety valves

The Safety Valves that are specifically used for transferring the water flow at a 90o angle are called as the Angle Safety Valves . The Darshan Valve & Controls are leading angle safety valves manufacturer In Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We are providing the best quality valves that are manufactured using superior quality raw material and latest technology.

Pop Action Safety Valves

The Pop Action Safety Valves are the type of the valves work in a manner that whenever the pressure is increased above the restricted limit the valve suddenly pops up and removes the excessive pressure and after arriving at required pressure that they again pop down to the original position are commonly known as the Pop Action Safety Valves. We are the major Pop Action Safety Valve manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India. The complete range of the superior quality, safety valves is provided with the Darshan Valve & Controls.

Pressure Safety Valve Exporter

Reactor Safety valve

Reactor Safety Valve delivers overpressure protection. It is also known as pressurizer safety valve. Our company is a prime manufacturer of the Reactor Safety valves (SVR)and also supplier and exporter in India.

We are providing a very wide range of the Safety Valves that is available in standardized and customizable sizes. The different type of the valves is having different features that are specially designed for the specific purpose and are widely used in different places.

Feature of the Safety Valve

The safety valve manufactured by the Darshan Valve & Controls are of the superior quality and are having the following features

  • The safety valves are of the excellent quality.
  • They are manufactured using the latest technology and are as per the latest industry standards.
  • Our valves are manufactured only using the superior quality raw materials and latest technology equipped machinery that manufactured the valves of the excellent quality.
  • The safety valve possesses an excellent surface smooth finishing and is precise in measurement too.
  • Available in standards and customizable sizes.
  • A very wide range of the safety valves are provided by us available in different sizes, metal, pattern, etc.
  • The safety valve provided by us at affordable pricing.
  • Have a longer shelf life.
  • They are non corrosive in nature and can withstand any weather situation or harsh condition easily.
  • The valves are desirable to use tough condition as they can withstand very easily.
  • The safety valves are operable very smoothly and easily.

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Application of Safety Valve

The safety valve manufactured by us has following application

  • Varnishing and Paint Industry
  • Sugar Industry
  • Food and Beverage Industry
  • Power Plants
  • Sewage and Waste Treatment Plants
  • Paper and Pulp Industry
  • Power Plants
  • Pharma Company

The safety is highly demanded in the market as they are possessing very wide applications and hence, are used widely in the different places

Industrial Safety Valve Manufacturer

An Overview of our Service

We are the prominent safety valve manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Our company is providing the manufacturing service of different type of valve in India. The excellent quality raw material when processed on the brand new machinery provides the superior quality safety quality that to at the affordable pricing.

The staffs of the companies are highly skilled and talented they are also playing a great role in the development of the company. We own a research and development team that is continuously worked hard for providing the best quality product that is of the latest technology. As, we are also providing the safety valve customization facility the safety valve manufactured by possess precise sizing with the latest feature and smooth finishing design.

We are safety valve supplier in Gujarat, India and are supplying the Safety-Valves in the major cities like Gandhinagar, Delhi, Kanpur, Madhya Pradesh, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Rajasthan, etc. can take benefit of our services. The company is providing the safe and secure delivery of the items to the clients.

Our clientele

The safety valve provided by us are having a very wide range of the standardize safety valve as well as the customized safety valves. We have obtained thousand of the satisfied customer with our services. The stated below are our major clients.

  • ONGC
  • BHEL
  • IOCL
  • IPCA
  • ITC

We are also the safety valve supplier in the major industries of India. As, we are providing the ISO certified product that is known for the excellent quality and are highly demanded in the national and the international market.

Industrial Safety Valve Supplier

Benefit of Our Service

There are so many competitors in the market, but the safety valve supplied by us is highly demanded. There are several factors that make us and our service different from other service provider. They are as follows

  • The ISO 9001:2008 valves are provided by us.
  • The best raw materials are used for the manufacturing of Safety Valves .
  • The valves provided by us are as per the latest standard and hence can be used widely.
  • We keep a strict check on the valve quality.
  • The valves are provided at a nominal price.
  • We are 24*7 available for our customers.
  • The valves are manufactured under the guidance of the expert and talented team.
Industrial Safety Relief Valves India

Kindly contact us, if there is any requirement of the service regarding Safety Valves and its types. Our company has experience of more than ten years in safety valve manufacturing. And, we are known for our quality in Indian and global market. We are the major safety valve supplier in India and no matter where you are situated in any part of India you can enjoy the benefit of our service. More than the thousands of customers have taken the benefit of our services situated in Indian or Foreign Country.

Our main aim is to provide the best service and to satisfy our client with our service. We are also the safety valve exporter, and are exporting the safety valve to the countries like Nigeria, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Ethiopia, Egypt, South Africa, Bangladesh, Kuwait, Tanzania, Indonesia, Kenya, Algeria, Afghanistan, Iran, Japan, Uganda, Sudan, and Morocco etc. the safety-valves manufactured by the Darshan Valve & Controls are such that can also be used in foreign cities.

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